Great light art - with 75% less electricity consumption
from 100% renewable energies

We used less electricity for the festival than ever before. Of course we took the challenges of the energy crisis very seriously. We have changed our concept and were therefore saving a lot of resources.

Fewer venues – more diversity. Around 35 venues with 70 works of light art were part of the programme.

Shortened daily duration and the extensive use of energy-efficient, innovative technology.

The electricity consumed was offset by naturstrom. The amount of electricity consumption has been verified by GUTcert


Acting responsibly as an entrepreneur, getting involved in the issues of the future. This was a major concern for us and all our partners.


Light art and a mindful use of our natural reserves do not have to be mutually exclusive. We paid attention to a very low power consumption from 100% renewable energy sources.


Culture and tourism create jobs in numerous industries. Visitors of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS travelled to Berlin and thereby ensured the income for many Berliners.

If many people come, we even create a positive energy balance in the end. How does that work? You can find out in our online magazine.

We look forward to seeing you!

Photos & videos of past Festival of Lights

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Programme History

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