Festival of Lights Berlin

New Edition

October 7th-16th 2022
7 – 11 pm

Every year in autumn, Berlin becomes a light art stage, buildings and squares become stars. Then there are beaming faces and shining eyes. This year, has been even a bit more important than usually. It was and still is a challenging time. All the more reason why we all need moments of joy and happiness from which we can draw strength and confidence for the future.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin 2022 presented international light art in a New Edition that did justice to the responsible use of scarce resources:

Sustainable, innovative and with 75% less power consumption!


Light art sculptures and projection stagings on this year’s festival theme VISION OF OUR FUTURE.


Core time of the illuminations from October 7th to 16th: 7 pm to 11 pm. Some places were staged only temporarily.


From the TV Tower to Potsdamer Platz, the illuminations could’ve have been explored.


Especially in 2022, the motto was as optimistic as the colorful productions.

Visitors were looking forward to special and inspiring thoughts on the festival theme, translated into expressive light art. These have been highly emotional productions and light sculptures created by national and international artists.

The new concept: the venues have been reduced, the number of productions has been increased and supplemented with innovative works, the focus on artistic value has been further strengthened, and the daily duration has been shortened by one hour. This saved resources and showed a program at least as expressive as in previous years.

We want to touch people with our productions and creations. Light guides us, awakens our emotions, enchants our senses. Light connects and is universal. Light is life.

Birgit Zander

Festival of Lights 2022

• 10 festival days

• 35 venues

• 70 artworks by international artists

• 75% less power consumption compared to last year

• Use of the most modern & economical lighting technology

• 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources 

Einsatz modernster
sparsamster lichttechnik

10 Festivaltage

Öko-Strom zu 100% 
aus erneuerbaren Energien

75 % weniger Strombedarf
im Vergleich zum Vorjahr

70 Kunstwerke internationaler Künstler*innen

Our partners


For more information on the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and previous editions, click here.


The companion through the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! Available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. The app shows all permanent and temporary light art installations at a glance, provides detailed information about the festival partners and their special messages, and posts the latest news about the festival.

New: Music of the productions to listen to on your headphones.